About me

My name is Anna Smith. Welcome to my website. Whether you are a brand new parent who feels a bit lost and overwhelmed, or a parent who feels the need to add new tools to your parental toolbox, I hope you’ll find inspiration here.

My middle-of-the-road parenting philosophy and ideas have evolved through trial and error over time. I have spent more than thirty years caring for children, first as a nanny, then raising my own three kids while providing daycare for others. In addition, I spent more than three thousand hours in the classroom as a school volunteer, and have completed a number of graduate classes in child and family therapy.

My approach to parenting is fairly simple. I parent like I drive. I keep my destination in mind and move forward at a steady pace while paying attention to my surroundings. The overly scheduled (and overly scheduling) parents pass me to my left, while I try to stay clear of the ditch of the oblivious to the right. And trust me, even with my years of experience, I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way. I’ve hit lots of bumps at too fast a speed. I’ve spent many sleepless nights wondering how I would best go about getting my kids to the state of adulthood.

I believe children crave predictability and emotional safety. They long to feel needed and to be in the center of the family unit without being the center of attention. Parents have needs too (believe it or not). We crave a chaos-free environment, confidence, and support.

Very few, if any, walk into the land of parenthood with total confidence. I even question the effectiveness of a parent who claims to have all the answers. A good parent isn’t one who never makes mistakes but one who is willing to learn from those days where you wish you could start over.

So I hope you will take some time to sit down, relax and gain confidence as you read. For your reading pleasure, I serve up my parenting mistakes along with my solutions. If my tips help you, that’s great. If my ideas inspire you to come up with your own approach, that’s even greater. As children grow, so do good parents.